Monday 22nd October - Wednesday 24th October 2012
Osaka University Nakanoshima Center, Osaka, Japan


Osaka University is located at the north part of Osaka Prefecture in Japan. Osaka Prefecture lies roughly in the middle of the Japanese, Archipelago, facing the Seto Inland Sea. The total area of 189,000 hectares and has a population of 8,800,000. It has developed as the second largest commercial and industrial prefecture after Tokyo. As the center of the Kansai area with its unique culture, Osaka appears in various Japanese novels, films and songs as a town rich in human color with a cheerful and warm atmosphere. Osaka has a rich variety of tourism resource; nearby mountains shrouded in rich green, ancient burial mounds of various sizes that can be spotted here and there in Osaka Prefecture. Osaka is traditionally considered the gourmet food capital of Japan.

Night view around Osaka station Osaka Castle
Night view around Osaka station Osaka Castle


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