The Department of Precision Science and Technology focuses on the education and investigation aiming at the development of advanced technology in the industrial world. The word "precision" does not merely refer to the accuracy in dimensions, but to the highest quality in the natural and artificial products. Fundamental and applied physics forms the core of the subjects, based on the idea that an engineer who deals with advanced technology must also be a scientist to lead the world. The Department of Applied Physics aims at training the students to be innovative and versatile engineers and researchers who will be involved in the various and interdisciplinary fields of advanced science and technology. The department includes two areas, Engineering Physics and Applied Mathematics / Information Engineering. The subareas of the department cover novel theories of solid state physics, material and device physics, microscopic measurement and fabrication, surface science and technology, applied optics and spectroscopy, and their application to modern technologies.

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2-1 Yamada-Oka, Suita, Osaka
565-0871, Japan
Department of Precision Science & Technology, Osaka University

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